The 10 biggest lies perpetrated by the media on society:

1. There is difference in approach between the political parties.

2. There is a gender pay gap - not true, women doing the same job as a man are paid the same wages. The gender gap is due to women doing less demanding roles.

3. That your vote matters. No it doesn't, as after you vote, parties form coalitions contrary to the majority vote. Just look at Aberdeen City Council! Or the Scottish Government where Patrick Harvey has more power than Sturgeon! Ridiculous, this is not democracy.

4. Your money is safe in the bank. Not true, look at Cyprus. It is only a matter of time before the £85,000 maximum bail-out by taxpayers for failed banks is replaced by bail-ins where depositors lose their money. Cyprus was a pilot trial that delayed its introduction routinely.

5. The middle class are well-off. Actually they are up to their neck in debt like everyone else.

6. Women's lib was created to improve women's lives. No, it was founded by the Rockefeller Institute in order to enslave women to the world of work, make governments and bankers rich through additional tax receipts, and destroy the family unit; all to bring in a dumbed down populace working for the benefit of the 1% elite, and answerable to the State.

7. Brexit is falling apart. Actually the media is trying its level best to make it fall apart. We can't have a nation wanting sovereignty when it goes against the plan for a multicultural, multifaith, multiracial global society, can we? By the way, did anyone ask you if you wanted to live in this kind of society?

8. Politicians care about you (falls off seat laughing at the very thought).

9. Everyone deserves a decent lifestyle. No, you have to work for it, it's not a right.

10. The BBC is like a kind old uncle. No, it's a liberalist, left-wing, propaganda machine for the planned global society.

11. David Icke is a buffoon. A very wise man actually. You should watch him on You Tube. And Alan Watt too. OK, so that's eleven.